Budh Yantra


Budh Yantra is used to planet Budh or Mercury. When Mercury is malefic the use of Budh Yantra is very benefical and favorable. Budh Yantra protects from fire and electric loss etc. It is especially favorable for an expecting woman and for the safe delivery of the child. Those having speech problems line stammering should perform daily pooja to Planet Budh. Those having the problem of stammering and speech shall perform daily Pooja to Mercury Yantra. If Mercury is combust and debilitated and if you are facing the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Budh (Mercury), then it is recommended to keep Budh Yantra to get maximum benefits of the period of Budh. If the position of Budh (Mercury) in your horoscope is unfavourable and the time is not in your favour,then you are recommended to use Budh Yantra to overcome the troubles you are facing.

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