Ruby is also known as the King of Gemstones. It is considered to be a protective stone providing the wearer with benefits such as invulnerability and preserved health. In addition to this, Rubies inspire creativity, wisdom and love, as well as enhancing self-reliance/ confidence and increasing spirituality. The energy of Ruby is intense and vivid. It is the chosen stone of Leaders, Kings and Priests for its ability to guide and help make wise and noble decisions. It is said that power of Ruby is in its encouragement to follow your dreams and bliss. Ruby also stimulates the heart Chakra. It helps you to change and make the transition from the person you and the person you want to be. Ruby is the stone of lord sun and the Sun signifies father, courage, power and authority, boldness, ambitions, commanding power, generosity, dignity and kind heartedness. A person having good effects of the Sun on him will be optimistic and royal in his/her thoughts. Such a person will have good reputation and success in life.
Day of Wearing : Sunday
Finger to wear : Ring Finger

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