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Sri Suktam 24K Gold Plated Pendant (YS31SS)


The Sri Suktam Darshan pendant comes encased with the image of Maa Laxmi Devi, has the entire Sri Suktam Mantra and yantra image. Wearing this pendant all the time ensures that you are forever reminded of the power of Maa Laxmi and you offer her your devotion. Those in business or have career related problems in life will benefit greatly by wearing this pendant. It changes your fortune and helps you succeed financially.
Benefits of Sri Suktam pendant:
Wealth and prosperity comes to those who are devoted to the worship of Maa Laxmi and are wearing this powerful Sri Suktam pendant.
Gains are likely for those who invest and are looking forward to returns from their investments.
This is a powerful pendant that helps you appease goddess lakshmi at all times.
Color: Gold
Dimension : 19×15 mm
Weight (gram) : 2.60 – 3.10 (g)
Its Waterproof and can be Wear 24×7

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